Potap open up about relationship with ex-wife

Потап разоткровенничался об отношениях с бывшей супругой

Producer and showman Alexei Potapenko, Irina Gorovaya, who concealed his divorce for five years, still work together. They not only build business, but also raising a son Andrew. This writes the JetSetter.

So, the former couple admitted that they now have a good relationship, they trust each other, back at work and in the upbringing of 10-year-old son.

“We have each other to insure: Ira goes to parent-teacher meetings, and I pick Andrew up from school or taking him in the first half of the day swimming and recreation on Sunday, and Irina could jump with him on a shoot or in the office and then dinner with the kids in the cafe” – said Potapov.

“Fundamental contradictions in the education of his son we have. We try to thoroughly develop it and be his friends: I put in a value relative to women, try to be an example for him, a man whom he is proud of and loves. Potapov Andrey gives men energy and love, for him the authority and example of behavior in a real man’s company,” – explained Irina.

In addition, according to the rapper, in the business they remain “one planet.” Private life that they hide from the public, does not prevent them from being business partners and friends.

“From common cause, it is very important to agree on the beach. We invite you first spoke, I work as business partners, whatever happens,” – said Irina.