Potap was intrigued by the Network of the “pregnant” wife Positive

Потап заинтриговал Сеть снимком «беременной» жены Позитива

To enjoy Positive decided not only in the company of his wife Anna, and their best friends, newfound family Potap and Nastya.

Vacation friendly company spends in Ukraine. The next few weeks they will hold off the coast of the Mediterranean sea. On the island of Sardinia, the stars rented a house.

Positive wife / social network Instagram On their pages in social networks Ukrainian celebrities are sharing their holiday experience and, of course, vivid pictures. Not without provocative shots.

One of these was the blog Potap. In the picture he is posing with Nastya, Positive and his wife. It is on the image of Anna, the audience paid close attention.

Fun company! Turu – Turu – Tu-Tu (motif jumble) Sardinia, Italy! Turu-Turu-Tu-Tu! writes in the comments of the farm. – Fun Campaign, the screen will show ours! Fun campaign, in Ogonek magazine!

Positive with friends / social network Instagram of Someone from the followers Potap interested in the Breasts of the wife Positive, and others suspected his girlfriend pregnant. All because of her pose. Really, you’d think she, as she put Anna in the comments, “in the tenth month of pregnancy”.

Потап заинтриговал Сеть снимком «беременной» жены Позитива

Потап заинтриговал Сеть снимком «беременной» жены Позитива