Powerbeats 2 Pro and AirPods. All the differences

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Not so long ago Apple introduced Powerbeats headphones Pro from the Totally Wireless. The novelty got a chip H1 supports “Hey Siri”, an improved quality of connection and voice transmission, improved protection from moisture and dust, and many others. How much the new headphones are from 2 AirPods? Let’s deal with it.


Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro is designed primarily for those who lead a sporty lifestyle. The design is almost not changed compared to predecessors. The only obvious difference is the absence of a characteristic of the wire connecting the ear. Powerbeats Pro, like previous models, have adjustable ear bows are firmly fixed. Apple claims that during the development of accessory was tested over 20 different variations before it was approved the final design, which fits most people.

2 AirPods

A little different things are with 2 AirPods. These headphones are designed for everyday use, and are not suitable for the sport. Apple has considered the design of the first generation successful, so apparently AirPods 2 remain unchanged. Here we use the same rounded design, this accessory is quite well held ears. Any of the locking mechanisms is not here – everything is kept on the “fair” word.

Both pairs of headphones are supplied with charging covers. However, in the case of AirPods 2 has a number of advantages – much smaller box and has support for wireless charging. Case for Powerbeats Pro, alas, not so easy.

The sound and noise isolation

Powerbeats Pro come with rubber tips in four sizes. Thanks to this the headphones firmly fixed in the ear canal and is securely isolated from the environment.

AirPods are practicing a more universal approach – the nozzle is not provided, and the open design of the headphones – you can hear everything around.

Apple claims that great attention was paid to the sound of the Powerbeats Pro. The manufacturer promises “a powerful balanced sound, wide dynamic range and noise”. Speaking about the AirPods, it only mentions “high quality sound”. More details to compare headphones will be possible only in may, when Powerbeats Pro will go on sale.


In the case Powerbeats Pro has three physical buttons. Each of them is responsible for adjusting the sound volume, switch tracks and to reject calls.

In the case AirPods any buttons yet. All management is done with the help of percussions and voices.


According to the manufacturer, Powerbeats Pro is resistant to moisture and sweat. At the same time, the manufacturer specifies the standard IP protection.

However, in the case of AirPods any protection from water and dust at all was not declared.

Sensors and microphones

In this regard, the monitored headphones are almost identical – both models are equipped with accelerometers and voice directional microphones that recognize voice and suppress the external noise. The only difference is that each headphone Powerbeats is equipped with two microphones, while the AirPods one.

Charging and battery life

Powerbeats Pro provides up to 9 hours music playback. The result AirPods much more modest 5 hours. In both cases, the charging case extends the battery life up to 24 hours. Case PowerBeats headphones Pro recharges in 15 minutes up to 4 hours music playback. AirPods in this regard is not far behind and can boast similar option.

Case 2 AirPods can be charged using the Lightning cable or a compatible wireless charging.

Powerbeats Pro, alas, does not support wireless charging case can be charged using the Lightning cable.

Of colors and cost headphones

For several years, AirPods are available exclusively in white casing. The release of the second generation did not change the situation – the new colors are still there. Headphones can be purchased for 16990 rubles for the version with wireless charging, and 13490 roubles for the model with the conventional case.

With regard to Powerbeats Pro, there are already four visual solutions: dark blue, dark olive, black and color “Ivory”. Case Powerbeats Pro in all cases comes in one color – black. The price of headphones in Russia will amount 18990 rubles. The product is available for purchase in may.


AirPods PowerBeats 2 and Pro are two very different product philosophy. Headphones from Beats more suitable for people leading an active lifestyle and participating in sports. AirPods more versatile option for every day.

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия

Powerbeats Pro и AirPods 2. Все отличия