Powerful disaster will destroy Europe: scientists have figured out who will cover first

Мощная катастрофа уничтожит Европу: ученые выяснили, кого накроет первыми

The people of Europe need to prepare for the hellish revenge of the planet

Scientists from a research project of ETH Zurich warned about the disaster that is being prepared in the bowels of the Earth. As it turned out, one of the most dangerous volcanoes can erupt directly into millions of people. The researchers pointed out a region that will suffer in the first place.

According to scientists, the danger comes from the Phlegraean fields is one of the few active volcanoes on the planet. It is located nine miles West of the Italian city of Naples. Only there is a population of about 1.5 million people.

Now the SUPERVOLCANO, the magma accumulates and goes into a state that can be observed before the eruption. If molten rock breaks loose, it will destroy a significant part of Europe. Over the past 60 years Phlegraean fields, which comprises 24 craters and volcanic formations that have repeatedly been active. Therefore seismologists have investigated him and tried to predict the probability of a disaster in the near future. A team of scientists from ETH Zurich have analyzed samples of rocks, minerals and glass and noticed a suspicious phenomenon.

Fields moving into a new cycle of the Caldera. According to scientists, this may indicate the approach of a new phase which will end with a powerful eruption. The analysis of the samples showed significant changes in temperature and water content in magma at certain points, where previously there were eruptions. The number of minerals decreases with time, and the volume of water increases. Similar changes occurred before the explosion of Monte Nuovo. After the events of the Monte Nuovo volcano moved into a “new phase” of sleep. But in the 1950-ies there have been three “period of concern”, which warned of a possible eruption.

The last time a SUPERVOLCANO erupted in 1538. It is this phenomenon scientists have called the explosion of Monte Nuovo. They noted that while the Phlegraean fields showed only a small part of his true power. But 40 thousand years ago in modern Italy, there was an unusually powerful eruption. A more powerful eruption on Earth was only in Yellowstone. Currently seismologists calm the people of Naples. In the next few years, the SUPERVOLCANO is not supposed to Wake up. It is likely that in the future, scientists will find a way to cool down the Phlegraean fields and to prevent the eruption.

Мощная катастрофа уничтожит Европу: ученые выяснили, кого накроет первыми

Мощная катастрофа уничтожит Европу: ученые выяснили, кого накроет первыми