Powerful SUV Dodge Durango Hellcat would be a fairly rare car

Мощный внедорожник Dodge Durango Hellcat будет достаточно редким автомобилем

A week has passed since then, as Dodge introduced its most powerful SUV Durango Hellcat.

The novelty, which will be positioned as a car of model year 2021, is the most interesting car from Dodge in a long time, as well as the most efficient SUV in the world.

And for those who are interested in buying Durango Hellcat, it is better to take it as soon as it gets to dealer showrooms the automaker, as the Durango Hellcat will go into production in limited edition.

Timothy has Kunickis, the big boss of Dodge, said that Durango Hellcat will not be released such a large number of copies, as the same Dodge Demon.

“Serial production of the SUV will last for six months. After we finished all the preparatory work for the resumption of our plant during a pandemic, we will be able to produce a limited number of SUVs Durango Hellcat. At the moment I don’t have actual numbers, but it will clearly be less than 2 000 copies. In this figure a lot will depend on client demand and how we can build cars in this six-month period.”

In fact, that will be constructed of a relatively small number of SUVs Durango Hellcat, blame unexpected pandemic COVID-19. The master Kunickis also said, “When we get to the 22 model year, there will be new requirements for emissions of harmful substances engines, and our Hellcat engine does not meet these requirements,” said Kunicki.

He also said that these rules as no impact on the engines, which are used in high-performance Dodge Charger or Challenger Hellcat.

Manufacturing Dodge Durango Hellcat 2021 starts in early 2021, and a short model year Durango Hellcat does not imply the end of the life cycle of the SUV.