Poyarkovo handed the prosecution a threat to kill the President Zelensky

Пояркову вручили обвинение в угроза убийством президенту Зеленскому

28.05.2020, 19:32


The presenter said that the case was opened because of the parody on YouTube, which was mentioned by President Vladimir Zelensky

TV presenter Sergey Poyarkov handed the indictment in the case of death threats to President Vladimir Zelensky. This itself Poyarkov said Detector media.

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Poyarkova accused of the crime provided part 1 of article 346 (Threat or violence concerning the state or the public figure) the criminal code. The sanction – till five years of imprisonment.

The presenter says that investigating the case since October, 2019, allegedly because of the parody on YouTube, which was mentioned Zelensky. He claims that he has not been attempted crime. “Can’t a parody be seen as a crime,” said Poyarkov.

According to the presenter, the President twice gave evidence in the case, which allegedly expressed fear of him. At the same time, the press Secretary of the President Julia Mendel was unable to confirm this information.

Poyarkov does not exclude that will submit a statement of official crime, as he considers that his case should Netpolice, not the SBU.

  • On 9 January the national Council on television and radio broadcasting has appointed an unscheduled field inspection of the channel Line. According to first Deputy head Olga Gerasimyuk, they complained to the statements Poyarkov, who “infringes the honour and dignity of President Vladimir Zelensky, insults his family, people, ethnic groups and the state, uses foul language”. Then it was about the TV channel.
  • On 28 January it became known that the SBU suspects Poyarkova in the “death threats” to President Vladimir Zelensky under part 1 of article 346 of the criminal code. He was questioned by the SBU.
  • January 29, the court released Poyarkova under the personal obligation.