Praise is more expensive: a Grief-mother Borisov for show cast daughter

Слава дороже: Горе-мать Борисова ради шоу Малахова бросила дочь

Dana Borisova in the pursuit of popularity can raise himself to such a daughter.

Not long ago, the society discussed the return of the famous presenter Dana Borisova after treatment in an addiction clinic in Thailand, I became aware of another serious problem in life leading relationship with his daughter Polina. In social networks 11-year-old Pauline complained about a grief-mother, calling Dana a sly, inadequate person, and told how he ran away from home.

It should be noted, leading frequently complained about the unacceptable behavior of a spoiled daughter. Not surprisingly, for a long time the education of girls engaged father who, according to Borisova, didn’t pay her daughter any attention. However, it turns out, and for leading the glory was worth more than her own child.

Yesterday Dana conducted live on the social network with the filming of another of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov. During the broadcast Borisov talked with guests of the program and the question of why Dana has gone on vacation to the Islands, leading justified the bad behavior of his daughter. However, it is clear that for the sake of show Dana still managed to throw the girl grandpa, what admitted in the same broadcast. It is assumed, feigned concern and love for children Borisova also a PR stunt to maintain the already unsuccessful the reputation of a drug addict.

Apparently, money and success are paramount to leading to, and the education of her daughter simply not included in the plans. However, such actions are Given only increases the risk to completely lose the difficult teenager.

Слава дороже: Горе-мать Борисова ради шоу Малахова бросила дочь

Слава дороже: Горе-мать Борисова ради шоу Малахова бросила дочь