Predecessors Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is still in business

Предшественники Mercedes-Benz Sprinter все еще в строю

Ukrainian carriers today operate still has to go – for example, utility model Mercedes-Benz T2, which later was replaced by the Sprinter.

Domestic carriers are now actively exploiting utility models of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of different years of release. However, the roads still meet their predecessors – the models of T1 and T2 is more severe. Recently on the streets of the capital managed to photograph two members of the line T2, and the first generation.

The same practical utility vans just drove each other. Interestingly, the first car was not “old man” that is visible on the bow. Then came later – with plastic grille. Both cars with the same wheelbase, high roof and gable of the rear busbars.

Recall that cars Mercedes-Benz T2 of the first generation began to produce more than half a century ago – in 1967. The car stayed on the Assembly line nearly two decades – until 1986, when they were replaced by models of the second generation, and after 10 years they changed all the well-known Sprinter and Vario.

If we talk about the first-born Mercedes-Benz T2, they were produced in different versions – cargo vans with diesel engines had an index from L406D to L613D, and with gasoline – L408, L409 and L410.

The model index is interpreted as follows: the first digit is the total mass in tons and the next two – power in dozens of HP So model L406 have the total mass of 4 tons and was powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine, the OM 621 with the capacity of 55 HP, and the biggest of them L 613 – was a 6-ton, 130-horsepower 6-cylinder engine working volume of 5.6 L.