Predicts the future – Zelensky has appointed a new adviser

Прогнозирует будущее - Зеленский назначил себе нового советника

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has appointed another non-staff adviser. It is stated in the decree No. 507/2019, which is posted on the website of the President.

“To appoint Novikov Igor Vladimirovich adviser of the President of Ukraine (out of state),” reads the document.

“News” decided to find out who was the new “right hand” Vladimir Zelensky. So, in the social network LinkedIn it is specified that Igor Novikov is the head of Kiev Department of a private company USA “singularity University”. He is a leading technofutures Ukraine. He graduated from the London school of Economics and political science.

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Professional futurists – people who earn money by predicting the future. This is a serious profession, especially needed in our time. To predict the future is really interesting. Thinking about the fate of the world, trying to understand in what direction the development of humanity, can fully show the creative abilities and talent of the seer, the more that one does not limit your imagination

New Advisor to the President is also a regular speaker iForum. Main field of research of Igor – the intersection of behavioral science, Economics and the narrative that underpins his concept of Gamified Learning and Transfer of Dynamic Motivation.

“Chapter Chapter SingularityU Kyiv, Ukraine organizer GIC 2017, a graduate of the SU Executive Program 2016. Top Manager with more than ten years experience in Allianz AG, and Carbon.MTS and VEMA”, – stated in the dossier of the new Advisor on the website of the event iForum.

And added that Igor Novikov provides a special set of technological, business and political prospects in a dialogue about innovation in Ukraine. Within three years of lectures and seminars Igor gathered an audience of over 100,000 people, he is considered a leading speaker and futurist Ukraine – a title he actively rejects.

Prior to singularity University Igor developed non-profit and public organizations in various fields, including: artificial intelligence, decentralized lending, blockchain, human rights, international development, regulation of carbon dioxide emissions and renewable energy.

“Participated in the work organizations of different orientation, in particular, equitable lending, human rights, international development, carbon compensation and solar energy,” reads his profile on the website of the Ukrainian forum of Internet activists iForum.