Pregnant daughter Olga Sumy showed a rare photo with her husband

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska soon a second time become a grandmother. And while her eldest daughter Antonina papernaya fascinating network of delicate everyday snapshots. The other day she posted another photo, which appeared with her husband.

As you know, 29-year-old Antonina papernaya is a successful actress and model in Russia. There the girl met with his counterpart Vladimir Agrichem, which builds a strong relationship. To the altar couple is in no hurry to go, and even after the birth of their first child – girl eve, which has already turned 2 years – Antonina and Vladimir is not legalized novel.

Now the star couple in anticipation of a replenishment in their family. And though Antonina papernaya not advertise his personal life, still could not resist to publish a joint photo with your beloved.

Romantic photo actors made in Saint Petersburg’s famous Hermitage Museum. The black-and-white photo of Antonina papernaya in a lace shirt and jacket clung to Vladimir Agricu. And though the pair showed no emotion in front of the camera, a rare photo of the pair sparked a lot of rave reviews.

First the news of the pregnancy Antonina Papernaya perceived as a joke, because she recorded a Christmas second video, which showed rounded belly. However, in an interview, Olga Sumskaya confirmed information about the future addition to her family. The famous actress admitted that does not know the sex of the baby, but in anticipation of its appearance.

Yes, again going to be a grandmother! And all this desire. After all, it is a great happiness! The sex of the child we do not know. Because I get a lot of questions. Who will it be: the grandson or granddaughter? Waiting
sent Sumi.

In addition, the actress added, which is very close to my first daughter, so she often gets calls from Antonina, who consults with her from the beginning of pregnancy.