Pregnant Megan Markle hired a special assistant for childbirth: details

Беременная Меган Маркл наняла специальную помощницу для родов: детали

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle already intensively preparing for childbirth, which is scheduled for April 2019. The wife of Prince Harry hired a special employee of the Dole.

Although Kensington Palace strictly forbids its representatives to disseminate information about the pregnant Duchess of Sussex, the media still find out interesting details. So, insiders told US Weekly that most of childbirth Megan Markle will present a doula – woman who helps the woman in labor struggles.

Sources of the Western media claim that the pregnant wife of Prince Harry hired a special assistant. The woman regularly arrives to Megan’s Royal estate, and holds consultations on the upcoming birth. In addition, pregnant Duchess of Sussex receives from Dooly psychological support to avoid post-partum depression.

In mid-April 2019 the representatives of Kensington Palace will officially announce the childbirth Meghan Markle. Previously insiders claimed that the Duchess of Sussex will give birth to first-born in the Clinica Santa Maria, which took advantage of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. And the reason is not hostility between the wives of British princes, and the distance to the hospital.

Harry and Meghan Markle already settled in Windsor, where for a long time was repaired. Therefore, in the media suggest that the Royal couple’s child will be born in the hospital Frimly Park, in the County of Surrey. Way from home Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in St Mary’s hospital is 37 miles away, and Frimly Park – 24. Therefore a pair will be easier to get to another clinic.