Pregnant model Iskra Lawrence fully naked: photo & video 18+

In the United States has become a kind of trend to show Nude photos during pregnancy. Following the fat model Ashley Graham, the same photo was published of her colleague Iskra Lawrence.

Incendiary blonde, which soon will be the first time mother, posed for the camera completely naked. My Breasts are pregnant Iskra Lawrence covered hands. But other intimate parts of the body concealed from the public assistants of the photographer who was holding a white cloth in front of the fat model.

Already in the post Iskra Lawrence explained why he decided on a provocative shoot. According to the model, her body changes every day during pregnancy, which she wants to shoot. Probably after the birth of first child fans of the stars will be able to see how Iskra Lawrence looked at each stage of childbearing. And yet every month she collects intimate footage that is willing to share with the blog readers.

Filmed my 6 month of pregnancy. I wanted to share my story, because the story of every woman who is expecting a baby, is unique. My body is changing dramatically and it’s so striking
explained Iskra Lawrence.

For the first time about pregnancy Sparks Lawrence world learned in early November 2019. Then the model said that the musical producer Philip Payne expects the emergence of the firstborn.

With the father of her unborn child she met in 2018. Then the model was invited to be a guest at the party and filmed the live broadcast for your blog. In the video the spark is called Philip’s attractive, so he approached her to get acquainted. A month later, the couple spent the first public release. Although Iskra Lawrence and Philip Payne has not yet married, their relationship is already admired by millions of fans.