Pregnant Santa Dimopoulos shared a rare photo with her husband

Беременная Санта Димопулос поделилась редким фото с мужем

On his page in Instagram Dimopoulos actively talks about pregnancy, and also shares details of his personal life.

This time the 32-year-old ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” decided to please its followers a rare photo in which she poses with her husband Igor.

In the picture the parents just glow with happiness. Apparently, the couple visited some social event. Needless to say that Santa and Igor enjoying every second in each other’s company.

Santa Dimopulos with husband / social network Instagram In the comments to the photo Dimopoulos admitted that she and her husband wanted a child. And even decided to pass all the tests. But the singer could not imagine that everything will work out almost immediately.

There were many plans, travel, events… the First thought crept in, when @ann.andres vacationing in Barbados – she noticed that I eat a lot, a lot. Upon arrival in Miami, I trained like crazy almost every day. Latency did not pay attention because it is a common thing after so many flights, says Dimopoulos. – But still, the idea sat in my head. The Breasts became larger, fatter, despite training. Decided to buy a test. Took 5 pieces to make sure. 4 showed two bands, one was not working. My feelings are difficult to describe, remember that the heart just flew off my chest. Went in tears to her husband, he calmly hugged me and so casually – “I know.”

Беременная Санта Димопулос поделилась редким фото с мужем