Pregnant the soloist and the lack of money: why Freedom Jazz refused Eurovision

Беременная солистка и нехватка денег: почему Freedom Jazz отказались от Евровидения

The national public broadcasting company of Ukraine renounced Ukraine’s participation in Eurovision-2019. Previously to participate in the Eurovision song contest, which will take place in Israel, refused MARUV, group Freedom Jazz and KAZKA. In the words of one jury member Andrei Danilko, blame the organizers.

According to Danilko, “everything went wrong for the organizers of the” parties knew the contract going to tender. About it the actor said in comments TSN.

Member of the jury of the national selection for Eurovision added that each of the participants had their own reason to refuse. For example, some people are not ready to handle criticism on social networks and political pressure.

Interestingly, Andriy Danylko notes that the group Freedom Jazz, which has “no money and soloist pregnant”, specifically put in second place, but they physically can’t go to represent Ukraine.

Previously, Danilko told me that he is ready to return to the stage and to represent Ukraine properly in Israel.

If all refuse, maybe I’ll get his old armor, polished star and go to save
– commented the artist.

Why in Ukraine there was the scandal around Eurovision-2019?
After winning MARUV in the final of the Eurovision song contest-2019, the question arose whether the sign of the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NOTE) final agreement on the representation of Ukraine in Israel. Representatives of Public broadcasting was outraged that the singer toured extensively in Russia and has scheduled concerts in April in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

Also the rights to the song Siren Song with which the singer won the final of the national selection and had to go with her to the international competition, owned by the Russian company Warner Music Russia. The singer released the terms of the contract NCTU, where he expressed his outrage. February 25, after several hours of negotiations an agreement is still not signed. MARUV noted that the reason for not signing the contract was not a Russian tour, which she was ready to give up, and most other terms of the contract, which she decided not to call.

Then in the Ukrainian show business, the question arose of who will go on the main Eurovision song contest in Israel in may this year. De jure, to go to the Eurovision song contest in tel Aviv was a female musical group Freedom-Jazz, as they received second place during the counting of the votes of the judges and the audience. However, the team refused to participate. After that, the NOTE said that will apply to the group of KAZKA, and if nothing happens, then one option may be the lack of Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest-2019.

By the way, the last time Ukraine did not participate in the international music competition in 2015. At that time, the national television company of Ukraine in the bilateral agreement with the European broadcasting Union decided to refuse to participate, because the fun for Ukraine was not at the time.