Premature aging threatens the fans of mobile gadgets – the Scientists

Scientists say that those who spend a lot of time at screens of mobile devices put your health at risk.

Преждевременное старение грозит любителям мобильных  гаджетов - Ученые

The researchers were able to determine that the blue glow of mobile devices is having a detrimental effect on human skin. Short-wave blue radiation that produce displays for mobile gadgets, is very harmful to the skin.

It turns out that constantly using gadgets, users themselves provoke premature aging. It especially threatens the young lovers of mobile gadgets that accompany their owners everywhere.

The main danger is hidden in the so-called HEV radiation. It is a high-frequency and high-energy light of the visible spectrum in the range of four hundred to five hundred nanometers. It is proved that it is the short-wave light, which is able to see people.

The researchers said that the water-lipid mantle of the skin is the destruction of the lipid linkages thereby HEV radiation. The result of the disappearance of linkages of the lipids becomes the synthesis of melanin, the skin is dehydrated and form dark spots.

Experts advise to reconsider the attitude to the use of modern mobile devices. It is a necessity that will protect the skin from the acceleration of the processes leading to aging under the influence of the HEV radiations that generate the screens of tablets, smartphones and many other modern electronic devices.

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