Premiere of “Hero on call” with Eugene Miller and Christina Asmus will take place on June 15

Премьера «Героя по вызову» с Евгением Миллером и Кристиной Асмус состоится 15 июня

Premiere detective “Hero on call” with Eugene Miller and Christine Asmus in the lead roles will take place on 15 June on NTV, the press-service channel.

In the center of the story – a doctor by profession and a failure at life Ivan Lutochin (Eugene Miller), who learns of her fatal diagnosis. A man decides to commit suicide and when out into the fast lane, but the car braked, and Lutochin remains alive. Driving is the operative police Tomans (Nicholas Klimchuk). Knowing the history of a new acquaintance, he invited Ivan to participate in deadly operations to capture the bandits if you kill, at least not in vain.

“The project is distinguished by originality and acuteness of the circumstances, the ability to think about responsibility to others and ourselves and realize the value of every moment of life, to know the price of every word and deed. But it is possible and to laugh and to sneer, and to grieve, and to cry. The most difficult was to understand how my hero every day waiting for death, as he accepted the fact that he left to live long, and he without any emotions waiting for the final. He has to go all the way from the man who gave up and just goes with the flow, to the person who realized that the responsibility for everything that happens in life are only yourself” – said about his character Eugene Miller.

Helping Tumanov, Lutochin met with the investigator SK Elizaveta Leonova (Kristina Asmus) and causes a keen interest into sympathy. The girl was impressed by his recklessness and bravery. After another examination, Lutochin learns that the tumor growth slowed: he concludes that it ceases to grow when there is a real threat to life. And now, to survive, he needs to constantly feats.

“Lisa became captain of justice, deftly coping with their professional responsibilities. Anything like this in my career or the cinema, or the theatre was not, so I almost immediately agreed to this role. Lisa is a strong, intelligent, determined, emotional girl. In any role interesting arch of the character, change it. In the lease it also comes with the appearance in the life of Ivan Lutochin”, – said Kristina Asmus.

Премьера «Героя по вызову» с Евгением Миллером и Кристиной Асмус состоится 15 июня

Премьера «Героя по вызову» с Евгением Миллером и Кристиной Асмус состоится 15 июня