“Preparing Americans!” In “DNR” panicked because of the attack of the Ukrainian soldiers

''Готовили американцы!'' В ''ДНР'' запаниковали из-за наступления украинских воинов

Terrorists “DNR” have sounded the alarm because of the “arrival” on Donbass the Ukrainian military, which allegedly trained instructors from the United States and Canada.

Rumors began to spread “the chief a press-management service “national militia of the Republic,” Daniel Bessonov. According to him, the warriors will attempt to conduct a “combat sorties”.

“In the area of responsibility of tactical group “East” in the Volnovakha district arrived subversive group from the separate regiment of special purpose. Commandos have been training under the guidance of American and canadian instructors,” he said.

Bessonov added that “saboteurs” are trying to carry out combat sorties.

“I want to warn six Kirovohrad special forces. The information we have allows us to take appropriate countermeasures, and our units are ready to meet the enemy,” he added.