Preparing cheesecakes and walks with children: let Dnipro right back won the award for “Dad of the year”

Готовит сырники и гуляет с детьми: днепрянин получил премию "Папа года"

The let Dnipro right back Anatoly Kolesnikov received the national prize in the nomination “Daddy-blogger”. The man has four children. Making Breakfast together and the wife puts the kids to bed.

Posts about how to pass the week with family publishes in social networks. There has thousands of subscribers.

Preparing pancakes for Breakfast and walks with the kids before bedtime. Visit of Anatoly Kolesnikov in social networks – true stories from the lives of his large family. A video in which a dad saves his son from hitting the swing, gaining hundreds of “likes” and dozens of enthusiastic comments.

In real life, let Dnipro right back Anatoly Kolesnikov perfect Pope himself does not believe. At 48 years and has five children. Four has together with his wife Elena.

“Once my friend told me that need to come to rest. It was funny. I could not understand. Now I go to work to relax, really,” admits the father of many children.

More 9-year-old Kate, 5-year-old Klim and twins Sasha and Yasha love with dad to have fun. Walk together on the Playground and riding bikes.

“Dad lets cartoons to watch, play phone. Sometimes yells at me when I have more than two hours on the phone,” says the daughter, Kate.

Now his wife Elena, together with a two-year Asa in the hospital. Says her husband can rely on. Because of their family responsibilities are not divided who can, and he does.

“The fact that I surprised myself, but we have a father was born with the first girl. When Kate was born, dad did everything. And diapers changed, and walked, and rocked at night. I mean, I could sleep,” – says Anatoly’s wife Elena.

The secret to successful fatherhood in the family there. In the difficult moments of their own patience and sense of humor.

Not so long ago Anatoly became “father of the year” in the nomination “the Blogger”. It receives more than eight thousand people. For a reward to the capital did not go because of the illness of his son.

The children were happy to spend more time with them, said Anatoly Kolesnikov. To bring them up right, you have to learn every day myself.

This year in Ukraine for the first time officially celebrate father’s Day. A new state holiday approved by the Cabinet. In General, dad greeted annually in 80 countries. Don’t forget about your family and you.