Preparing for that big wedding? Shepelev can “give” to the son real mother

Готовится к шикарной свадьбе? Шепелев может «подарить» сыну настоящую маму

Leading can marry on the anniversary of the death of a child, to finally get rid of her “shadow.”

Since the death of Jeanne Friske has been almost 4 years, but her lover Dmitry Shepelev fans still associate with the name singer. Despite a great love and a child, the presenter was able to bring Joan to oblivion and have long happy with new love Katherine.

Single parents brought love to an unusual decorative things. Meeting once, they began to spend much time together, to rest with their families and even went on a romantic cruise together in the winter. According to media reports, the lovers for more than six months living together. They are happy in a new relationship, according to friends of the couple, and the son along with daughter Tulupova good about choosing parents. It is possible that the Shepelev finally made Catherine an offer of marriage, which she accepted.

Soon the host can “give” the son of a real mother, it is quite possible that now he is preparing for a big wedding. Recently Dmitry began to take a large number of promotional offers and regularly publishes in his commercial posts, which celebrity lot of money. It is noteworthy that Shepelev avoided such way of earning money, and now judging by the signatures in awe of such a source of income. Leading is not much of a project, the income from which, apparently, only enough accommodation and it is possible that the desire to give myself and son a luxury holiday and a normal family pushed him to look for other sources of income. Judging by the activity of stars in the microblogging, the money he needs in a short time and in large numbers, which further suggests the assumption about the imminent celebration.

Shepelev has long been ignored Jeanne and avoids a past life related to the singer. It is obvious that he was tired of being “the application” dead stars, and therefore can appoint the day of the wedding to the 4th anniversary of her death to finally get out from under the shadow of the mother of his son, and start living your life.

Готовится к шикарной свадьбе? Шепелев может «подарить» сыну настоящую маму

Готовится к шикарной свадьбе? Шепелев может «подарить» сыну настоящую маму