Preparing for the executions: Sri Lanka for the first time in 43 years recruited two executioners

Подготовка к казням: Шри-Ланка впервые за 43 года завербовала двух палачей

Sri Lanka for the first time in 43 years hired two butchers, preparing for the four executions of criminals.

It is noted that applications for the vacancy, published in February for the executioners with “strong moral character,” has filed more than 100 candidates.

The candidate we placed the following requirements: it must be male, aged 18-45 years, have a “mental force” and to be a citizen of Sri Lanka.

Media reported that the vacancy also responded to two Americans and two women.

The representative of the prison said that the two successful candidates must pass a final training which will last about two weeks.

The death penalty in Sri Lanka permitted by law, but it does not apply for years the death penalty now is life imprisonment.