Preparing kamenchane cultural institutions

Что подготовили каменчанам учреждения культуры

Programme of events in the cultural institutions of the city of Kamenskoe 20 and 27 February.

Academic musical-drama theatre named after Lesya Ukrainka

(PL. 250th anniversary of the city 2)

22 February 18.00 – musical drama “Natalka Poltavka” by kotlyarevskyi play

23 February, 17.00 – British Comedy “Not our money” on the play by R. Cooney

24 Feb 12.00 – children’s Western “Brer Rabbit and Brother Fox”

24 Feb 17.00 – musical Comedy “For two hares” based on the play Staritskogo

27 Feb 18.30 – Comedy-bouffe “About Fedot” the tale of Leonid Filatova (Tour of the Dnieper academic theatre of drama and Comedy)

Museum of the history of the city of monay

(PR. Freedom 39)

From 9.00 to 17.00, you can see:

stationary exposition “Kamenskoe. Past and present”;

– memorial exhibition “at the Checkpoint Memory. Monay”;

historical – documentary exhibition “Afghan breakdown”;

historical – documentary exhibition “the Three revolutions in the history of independent Ukraine”;

– exhibition of Ukrainian Institute of national memory “of the UPA: response to rebellious people”;

– exhibition of National Museum of Taras Shevchenko “Shevchenko’s Word is living and eternal”;

– art and ethnographic exhibition “Historical wisdom of the poet” (February 26)

20 Feb 14.00 thematic evening “the Revolution of dignity. Kamenskoe dimension”

21 February 12.00 – lesson-tour “Shevchenko in people’s memory”;

23 February 11.00 – Museum weekend tour of the exhibition “Three revolutions in the history of independent Ukraine”;

26 Feb 12.30 – lessons from history for young people, a historical “Revolution of Dignity: as it was”;

26 Feb 13.00 – presentation of the exhibition “the Historical wisdom of the poet”.

Concert hall “MIR”

(PR. Victory, 35)

20 – February 27, 16.00, 18.00, 20.00 – a musical Comedy “Chunk” with Jennifer aniston

23 February 11.00 am – dance festival “the Bright motion”

Central city library named after T. G. Shevchenko

(PR. Shevchenko, 14)

22 February 16.00 – classes “anti-Stress”

22 February 16.00 – meeting of the club of growers and gardeners “Estate”

February 23 13.00 – meeting of the club of Amateur photographers “Local photographic initiative”

23 Feb 11.30 – “BibliObraz” with him Annulatum (guest – writer Svetlana “AIG” Olenec)

24 Feb 13.00 – meeting of the youth book club “At the crossroads”

24 February, 14.00 – communication club French

26 Feb 13.00 – Club “Choice”

February 27, 16.00 – presentation of the book Valentina Coverz “Unconquered”

Central library for children

(The area of Peter Kalnyshevsky, 1A)

24 Feb 10.30 – club for preschoolers “Bibliothiki”