Preparing to quarantine: in Ukrainian pharmacies over the goods for protection against coronavirus

Подготовка к карантину: в украинских аптеках заканчиваются товары для защиты от коронавируса

In Ukrainian pharmacies over the goods for protection against coronavirus. As reported “Details” in one of the large chain drugstores of Kiev, the high demand is observed for any medical products, capable though somehow to be protected from the terrible virus COVID-19.

Over the last week buyers have reviewed all the reserves protective masks, antiseptic, antiviral, antipyretic drugs and vitamins. Especially popular are the various alcohol-based tinctures. About take stock of not only the drugs but also the Western counterparts, which are several times more expensive.

Some products take large quantities, it is possible that for resale on the trading floors on the Internet.

People ask thermometers and quartz lamps. These goods are also in short supply. Constantly interested in the availability of tests for coronavirus, but on sale they were not received.

According to wholesalers, antiseptics in warehouses still there and expected new deliveries, but when I get a new batch of masks is unknown. Due to high demand, manufacturers worldwide have raised prices several times. Masks are booked weeks in advance.

Recall that the French Pasteur Institute has forbidden people who picked up the coronavirus, take anti-inflammatory drugs. They can cause health complications.