Presentation of the new compact crossover Lexus UX in the Lexus – Kuntsevo

Презентация нового компактного кроссовера Lexus UX в Лексус - Кунцево

On Saturday, February 9, in the official dealer center Lexus – Kuntsevo will host an event dedicated to the presentation of the New Lexus UX – the first compact premium crossover in the brand’s history.

Bold and attractive design of the Lexus UX embodies the concept of a compact car, is designed for the active urban population. The name “UX” reflects the basic concept that guided the experts of the engineering team when designing the car. It describes the two fundamental characteristics of the new compact crossover: rban (city) + -over (crossover) = UX. The model name can be deciphered as rban E plorer – that is “urban Explorer” that simultaneously indicates the main buyers of the new crossover – modern, urban citizens seeking a bright and dynamic approach to luxurious lifestyle. In addition, the new UX will be a great choice for those who plan to buy the first car in the premium segment.

In Russia, the new Lexus UX is available in two versions: UX 200 UX 250h. The petrol engine volume 2.0 liters 150 HP and hybrid power plant with a capacity of 178 HP guarantees excellent dynamics and an exciting control. Inspiring technology to provide the highest level of security, making the Lexus UX leader in the protection of driver and passengers. In the purchase price of the new compact crossover, regardless of the configuration and the version already included 3 years maintenance, 3 years of using the service “roadside Assistance”, and also 3 years warranty on the car.

Crossover prices ranged from 2 to 316 000 3 736 000.

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