Presented the first Russian motherboard for ARM processor Baikal-M

Представлена первая российская материнская плата на ARM-процессоре Baikal-M

It became known about the beginning of the first Russian production motherboard based on which processor was the domestic development of the Baikal-M. She was the result of joint activities of Russian companies “Edelweiss”, engaged in the development of electronics, “Basalt SPO” creating operating systems “Alt” and “Baikal electronics”, which develops system on a chip based on MIPS and ARM architectures.

The developers note that is equipped with a new motherboard and Russian operating system computers will increase the capacity of organizations towards a technologically independent IT infrastructure. Computers with a new motherboard will be shipped with the OS “Alto workstation” and “Al Education”. Compatible software platforms with processors were tested during a series of tests.

As for the motherboard, it is made in the form factor Mini-ITX and designed for the production of workstations, personal computers, and thin clients. At its core is a system-on-chip Baikal-M produced in accordance with process technology 28 nm. It contains eight 64-bit cores ARM Cortex-A57 (ARMv8-A, four cluster with two cores) that can operate at frequencies up to 1.5 GHz. For graphics processing meets the OCTA-core processor Mali-T628, which operates at frequencies up to 700 MHz. Level GPU power consumption does not exceed 30 watts.

It is noted that the motherboard was for a short time created by engineers “Edelweiss”, which the company expects to take a leading position among developers of similar decisions on the basis of processor Baikal-M. Manufacture of the motherboard is a Moscow-based company “Jamtronica”. Also aware of the fact that the charge is fully consistent with the criteria applied to domestic equipment. As for the cost of the new item, it has not been announced.