Presenter Vladimir, Takoudis accused Andrei Dzhedzhula in the beating and humiliation: the details of the scandal

Ведущий Владимир Такудис обвинил Андрея Джеджулу в избиении и унижении: детали скандала

Around two leading Ukrainian – Vladimir Takoudis and Andrew’s Jiguli – turned scandal. According to the first, after another party at which he was the lead together with Vladimir Ostapchuk, the people of Jujuly tied him up, threatened and humiliated. Itself showman Andrey Dzhedzhula denies everything.

What happened between Vladimir Takagism and Andrew Dzhedzhula?

The publication in Facebook, March 18, presenter Vladimir, Takoudis said that at a party with his colleague, he remembered the people who were absent on the background of sad music, which became a victim of the people Andrew’s Jiguly.

Within the Grand Conference we with Vova Ostapchuk joke about what we wish “is not with us today” certain players in the wedding market. Under the sad music. I remembered they’re legendary. I was wondering why they are not on the conference and whether all of them well. Yes, they were named specific names, and not blurred – because we have eggs,
said Takoudis apologized for the phrase “moment of pity” and “they are not in show business.”

But after the jokes of Mr representatives of Jujuly allegedly invited him to a meeting to discuss the event. When Takoudis came to the place, three men with Dzhedzhula overpowered him and began to threaten. Then took a razor and in a few places on your head shaved off the hair. In the end they asked to video record a public apology for the “bad joke”.

Not long thinking, after the event he wrote a statement to the police: “of course, I wrote a statement to the police. Of course, I will act according to the law. But, it turns out that there is one law – force. And the only protection is the publicity. This is your immune system. The more people know, the more likely it is to find the truth.”

The Reaction Of Vladimir Ostapchuk

To support his colleague decided and Vladimir Ostapchuk, who that evening was working with Takagism. He noted that the jokes can people perceive in different ways, but to abuse a man has no rights.

Ведущий Владимир Такудис обвинил Андрея Джеджулу в избиении и унижении: детали скандала

Vladimir Takoudis and Vladimir Ostapchuk / Instagram / @vova_ostapchuk

“Yes, the joke may be controversial or offensive, but it is everyone’s right. To take offense and respond the same way. Please, it is your right. We will always be able to explain, defend or humor to apologize. This is normal. Normal attack and shave. Not normal to talk about “patsanski” concepts. It is abnormal to protect this “bycontact” in the comments. Humor is stronger than any razor”, – stated in the post leading Ostapchuk.

The Reaction Of Andrew’s Cajuly

The reaction of Andrew’s Cajuly for publication has not slowed down. In a comment to OBOZREVATEL he stated that he did meet with Vladimir Takagism, but any violent acts he did not commit.

We met with him one on one. Explained to him verbally, he was wrong. He videotaped apology to the six people. This is a video I wasn’t going to place anywhere, just send to those whom he offended: Uncle George, Ivan Gorodetskiy. It was not a joke
– said in comments the showman.

He also added that the essence of the incident lies in the fact that, like Takoudis began his public speaking, where there were 400 people, “with humiliation “monsters”, people who were at the beginnings”.

“He publicly humiliated us. Everyone was in shock, in the room no one was laughing. Matviyenko was the only of the six of us and went into the hall just at the moment when her humiliated. Says, tears in his eyes teary. She came to the scene, wanted to take the microphone and respond. He did not let her do that, not allowed on stage,” summed up Dzhedzhula.

The next day, March 19, Andrey Dzhedzhula decided to stop the barrage of criticism around the conflict and caused the ring Vladimir Radicosa and Vladimir Ostapchuk.

Takoudis, Ostapchuk! I’m tired of your snot! One question and five possible answers: a Boxing ring? The octagon (MMA)? A public apology? Or automatic recognition jesters (they only went any humor with it in antiquity), or a cowardly Bunny? What would you choose? Nothing personal, just business, the reputation which you have threatened and texts in absentia buried! And remember: faith, family, honor, and work is what I was always taught to fight!
– wrote Dzhedzhula.

After that, none of the parties to the conflict did not give any comments.