Presents “affordable” option for space tourism

Представлен «доступный» вариант космического туризма

Space tourism is considered one of the promising directions of development of Astronautics. The main problem is the high cost of flights. For example, the company Space Adventures offers 8 days tour on the ISS, for $ 55 million. A more affordable alternative may be a project Space Perspective, the creators plan to deliver people to space in balloons.

The main difference of the new project will be the use of massive balloons for delivering humans into space. Actually, tourists will not be able to rise above 30 kilometers, which is much less than 80 kilometres, which is considered the bottom edge of the space. Also people will not experience the state of weightlessness. However, the representatives of the company Space Perspective point to the many advantages of this method of sending tourists into space:

  • Low price. Apparently, every tourist will take “only” 250 thousand dollars for a flight.
  • Security. Indicates that the balloon is much more reliable rockets filled with fuel.

Space tourists will be inside a special capsule, dubbed “Neptune”. The capsule is designed for 8 passengers and the pilot. Travelers will have access to wireless Internet, bar and bathroom. Enjoy the views of Land they can for 2 hours being on the top. Total flight time will be 6 hours, after which Neptune will land on the water. Announced the lifting speed will be 20 kilometers per hour.

All this time from the control center will continuously monitor the status of the capsule and the balloon. The user Space Perspective the company plans to reach 100 flights a year. It is reported that each capsule will have a capacity of 1,000 flights. Sale of tickets is expected to begin in 2021, but the exact timing of the first flight has yet to be announced.

Представлен «доступный» вариант космического туризма

Представлен «доступный» вариант космического туризма