Presents an eclectic SUV for extreme racing (VIDEO)

Представлен эклектический внедорожник для экстремальных гонок (ВИДЕО)

Novick was presented at the Festival of speed at Goodwood.

In 2021, will launch a new racing series for electric SUV called the Extreme E., a New model was developed specifically for participation in these competitions and was named Odyssey21. The model is formed of a tubular frame made of steel alloy.

Additionally, the SUV has a shockproof design, frame rolling, extreme winter and summer tyres from Continental.

The power plants that drive the movement of the novelty is 542 horsepower. As a result, 1 650-pound car from zero to 62 mph can accelerate in 4.5 seconds. However, the capacity of the batteries that power the electric motors not disclosed.

According to technical Director of Spark Racing Technology and Creator of the model, SUV Odyssey21 can overcome gravel, stones, dirt, ice, snow, water and sand. This became possible, including thanks to 940 mm wheels.