President of Turkmenistan advised to protect yourself from coronavirus smoke grass

Президент Туркмении посоветовал защищаться от коронавируса дымом травы

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a government meeting recommended to the citizens to protect themselves from viruses old folk remedy – smoke plant burial ground. Also it is known under names harmala and adraspan.

Turkmens have long used the fumigation smoke of an ordinary burial ground. According to ancient beliefs, this manipulation protects against disease, the evil eye and evil forces. Smoke is customary to fumigate everything: family, house, car, livestock.

According to Berdimuhamedov, for millennia, the national methods of confrontation of bad habits and prevention of infectious diseases has proved its effectiveness.

“Our wise forefathers firmly followed the tradition fumigate the smoke harmala during important events, whether it be moving into a new house, getting married, and at certain times of the year when there were infectious diseases”, – said the President.

He believes that the smoke of the plant prevents the penetration in the human body viruses. The Turkmen leader said that the fumigation must be accompanied by a massive outreach.

To date, Turkmenistan has not recorded any case of coronavirus.

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