“Presidential Saturday” in Kiev: the plants do not smoke, grass is breaking, the dam is swept

«Президентский субботник» в Запорожье: заводы не дымят, трава вырывается, плотина подметается

Today’s arrival of President Vladimir Zelensky in Zaporizhia carefully prepared, diligently and efficiently.

How is “presidential Saturday”, filmed in Zaporizhia blogger.

The footage shows that the utility rip out the grass and sweep the debris. His way, discarded near to the hole in the road. The citizen also notes that the factories work “on minimum salary” – not as much smoke. According to the blogger, Zaporozhye wants to see a President in all its glory.

We will remind, today, Zelensky a working visit, plans to visit two problematic object of Zaporozhye bridges across the Dnieper river and the dam Dnieproges.

Earlier, the police fined a man for a caricature Zelensky.