“Pretend that nothing is happening”: Elton John spoke about the last days of the patient’s mercury – 24 Channel

"Робив вигляд, що нічого не відбувається": Елтон Джон розповів про останні дні хворого Мерк'юрі - 24 Канал

Legendary British singer Elton John after the premiere of the film musical “Bohemian Rhapsody” told his fans, as they passed the last days of life a popular singer and soloist of the band Queen Freddie mercury. The contractor was affected by AIDS.

About intimate memories Elton John told Bored Panda.

Elton admitted that he learned about the illness of Freddie a few days after he delivered the diagnosis. Mercury decided to personally deliver her good friend Elton.

He knew that his waiting for death, a painful death. But Freddie was incredibly brave. He pretended that nothing was happening, spoke with the Queen, continued to be hilarious, outrageous and incredibly generous person and was always
– shared touched Elton John.

In the early ‘ 90s as the frontman of British band Queen has deteriorated so much that Elton’s “heart bleeds” at the sight of Freddie: “By the end of his body was covered with sores from Kaposi’s sarcoma. He was almost blind. And was too weak to even stand.”

Sir Elton John concluded that even a month after the death of Freddie mercury he received his Christmas gift. It was a picture of the beloved painter John – Henry Scott Tuck.

I was just broken, and in its 44 years wept like a child. This beautiful man, dying from AIDS, even in their last days of life somehow found me a wonderful Christmas gift
summed up Elton John.

What is known about the last years of the life of Freddie mercury?Legendary British singer Freddie mercury was famous for not only her signature stage style, but also original and recognizable worldwide voice. In 1970, with other musicians created the group with the scandalous title of Queen. Career musicians suffered unprecedented success and a good financial position that Freddie is often seen in questionable company. Also been rumors about his bisexuality.

In 1986 Freddie mercury was diagnosed with HIV-AIDS, but he denied everything that was written in the press. Only the day before his death was published his confession in a personal letter. 24 November 1991, the 45-year-old singer died from complications of AIDS. Next year Freddie Rosmerta was awarded the Brit Awards, at Wembley stadium in London has dedicated a concert in his honor. 2001, he and other musicians from Queen entered into the Hall of fame rock-n-roll, and in 2008, the mercury took 18th place in the list of “100 greatest singers of all time” by the American magazine Rolling Stone.

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