“Prevention of divorce”, Kseniya Borodina gave myself a weekend without husband and children

«Профилактика развода»: Ксения Бородина устроила себе выходные без мужа и детей

Ksenia once again left children in the care of her husband while she rested.

Recently Ksenia Borodina published storis in Instagram. On it a girl riding through the city in a great mood. You can easily notice that she looks relaxed and rested. Borodina sang, smiled a lot, joked and was absolutely not similar to the person with the problems. Ksenia gave myself a weekend without a husband and children.

Earlier, she reported that sometimes makes a small weekend, while her husband looks after the daughters. According to psychologists, many couples have a desire at least for a while to enjoy each other. It’s not getting a hint of the imminent separation, but on the contrary, brings new colors to people’s lives. Personal space is very important for both sides, and ignoring its existence, people create adverse conditions for continuing the relationship. A vacation from each other is “prevention of divorce.”

It is worth Recalling that in the summer of 2016, the celebrity couple was already on the verge of divorce.

Then the TV presenter admitted that during her pregnancy the husband was repeatedly unfaithful. However, the divorce never came. Kseniya has decided to forgive Omar and start life with a clean slate. But despite the fact that the couple have reconciled, their relationship has changed.

As the couple developed very rapidly, Ksenia and Kurban had to swear a lot before you get used to each other. However, they did not just beat the dishes.

And because both in the pair have strong leadership with character in love, it was not easy to create the atmosphere in the house, which they have now.