Price advertising: Lazarev helps Alfa Bank to turn the affair

Цена рекламы: Лазарев помогает Альфа-Банку проворачивать аферы

Talking about it online. Users think that Sergey not only sold themselves to scams, but also betrayed the millions of fans.

Participant of “Eurovision” 2019 published on the page in Instagram post with is card card Aeroflot Black Edition. “Airport transfers, access to business Lounges where you can relax before your flight, insurance travel, preferential conversion rate, and cash withdrawals without a fee at any point of the world” – wrote a famous performer on the advantages of purchase of the card of alpha Bank.

The reaction of the haters don’t have to wait long. In the comments under the entry Lazarev immediately began to accuse aid in the turning of fraudulent schemes and participating in the scams. Members explained why they condemn the celebrity.

The fact is that not everyone can afford a card Aeroflot Black Edition with a free service and a paid annual service is 60 thousand rubles. Many users believe that Alfa-Bank “fooling people”, so that price advertising can be the loss of an old love of fans.

“The people who believe him, do not have a head on their shoulders and carried. If, for example, you have a SN 3 pennies, then it makes sense to take such card”. “Serge, this is good for those who have money and who flies often. Those who live from paycheck to paycheck it is unlikely to be necessary.” “With our income only to the nearest town to get” – complained the subscribers.

“Do not disgrace and do not drive their fans into bondage!” – have reacted strongly to the users. Some even abandoned the creativity of the performer, a fan wrote: “I lost an idol.”

Цена рекламы: Лазарев помогает Альфа-Банку проворачивать аферы

Цена рекламы: Лазарев помогает Альфа-Банку проворачивать аферы