Price Ethereum will increase analysts had forecast prices

Цена Эфириума возрастет: аналитики сделали прогноз цен

At cryptocurrency exchanges within three days fell by 700,000 ETH, which is equivalent to $182 million According to market analysts, the whales are preparing to increase prices Ethereum (ETH) in the short term.

It is expected that the largest cryptocurrency Aldon for capitalization is on the verge of large price volatility because the balance on the OTC purses decreased by the same amount. It is reported Cointelegraph.

It is likely that the main investors of Ethereum, moved nearly $200 million on the exchange, which indicates the upcoming auction or bulk sale of the ETN, on the eve of the increase in the price of the cryptocurrency.

July 23, the data resource analytic resource Santiment indicate that 700 000 ETH ($ 182, 7 million) went to exchange purses in just three days this week.

Analysts say that over the past three days one hundred of the largest whales moved 700,000 ETN on the exchange, and at the same time the same scrip has disappeared from over-the-counter purses. This can indicate only one thing, the growth rates of the ether.

“It is likely positioning in front of the pump and prevent pumps.”

Source: Santiment / Twitter

The Ethereum past few weeks have renewed the interest this is due to the development of the industry DeFi, which use the token ERC-20, and a long awaited release Ethereum 2.0. The Ethereum intends to launch its final test network in early August.

The price of Ethereum for the last day increased by 10, 96%, and at the time of this writing is $272,34 ahead of bitcoin, the growth of which was only slightly more than 1.7%.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Upadhi analyst Rakesh (Rakesh Upadhyay) believes that the growth of broadcast on 21 July brought altcon in the upper resistance zone at $249,195- $253,556. And if the bulls can move the price higher, then likely to begin an upward trend that happened.

Analyst Michael van de Poppe (Michaël van de Poppe) also believes that the total cryptocurrency market capitalization will increase, and this will happen not because of bitcoin, but thanks to Ethereum.

Earlier CoiNews wrote that the co-founder of ETN acne Buterin stated that Ethereum 2.0 update will reduce the emission of tokens of the ether.

The portal Coinews informed that the developer of Ethereum 2.0 said that the test network Schlesi was quite a success, and hopes that the official test Protocol for a multi-client based on the specifications 0.12 will be ready in June.

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