Price high 2020: a rapid growth of VTS to more than $ 11000

Ценовой максимум 2020: бешеный рост ВТС до более $ 11000

The price of bitcoin (BTC) reached $11 394, a growing body suggests that the bulls are planning to raise the price even higher.

Today, July 28, the bitcoin price rose to $11 000. It is a historical maximum in 2020, writes Cointelegraph.

At the time of publication the price fell slightly to the range $10 997, but the volume of buying continues to grow over 1-hour period. This suggests that the digital asset with a high rating on CoinMarketCap can have another daily maximum.

The daily chart of bitcoin prices. Source: CoinMarketCap

Activation in the chain recorded a significant jump in the exchange receipts as the price of bitcoin has increased above $10000, Bloomberg analysts once estimated that the price of Bitcoin will rise above $12000 this year.

The price of ether (ETH) also rose above its previous high, rising to $ 333,52, but at the time of writing the level Aldona dropped below $330.

According to CoinMarketCap, the total cryptocurrency market is now 326,7 billion dollars. The index of dominance of a Bitcoin now stands at 63.1 per cent.

CoiNnews reported that on July 27 price of bitcoin in the short time rose to $10409, when the bulls took the price under control, but did not overcome resistance and decreased. However, in the course of writing, bitcoin has rapidly gained $10 335 to $10 726.

On the website CoiNews informed the first time a former Finance Minister of India, who proposed a General ban on the cryptocurrency, discussed digital assets with industry leaders.

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