Price iPhone 8 in Russia fell below 40 thousand rubles

Цена iPhone 8 в России опустилась ниже 40 тысяч рублей

The reduction in retail prices for new iPhone models in emerging markets, was talking about Tim cook, has passed quite unnoticed. That’s only touched it is only the flagship model of the current generation, on which so much hope in Cupertino. But independent retailers are realizing that risk losing Apple and its partners have decided to reduce the prices of previous years and the iPhone 8 in particular, which fell to quite comfortable for many customers mark.

As shown by the analysis using the independent platform “Yandex.Market”, the Russian price of the iPhone 8 fell below 40 thousand rubles. The best offer starts from 38 450 rubles. However, for the money the buyer offered model A1863 intended for sale in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Such a device will not have official warranty and might not support some of the domestic LTE-networks.

What model iPhone 8 buy

And here is another retailer who rated the smartphone is a bit more expensive here to be serviced by an authorized Apple service centers throughout Russia. Most likely that the devices of its range was imported into the country from Europe, and therefore are really subject to service within the one-year limited warranty. Another thing is that you should not believe the sellers of “gray” smartphones in the word, and be sure to check the model. So, buying iPhone 8 A1905/A1897, you will surely get the right warranty.

In General, the price of 38-40 thousand rubles for a smartphone like the iPhone 8 is more than attractive, if you remember that about the same Apple estimates the iPhone 7. This is only slightly more than the company asked for a flagship iPhone model at a time when the ruble was more stable against the dollar. But if you consider that for that money you get almost the most advanced hardware and support for wireless charging, the iPhone 8 is now becoming more relevant than ever before.

Цена iPhone 8 в России опустилась ниже 40 тысяч рублей

Цена iPhone 8 в России опустилась ниже 40 тысяч рублей