Prices have jumped significantly: how much it costs to rent an apartment for the New year

Цены подскочили в разы: сколько стоит арендовать квартиру на Новый год

The most fabulous and long-awaited holiday is around the corner and the Ukrainians began to prepare for the New year. First and foremost, you must determine the place of celebration, so the period of search and reservation of apartments and rooms for corporate events officially opened. The peak demand for accommodation for the Christmas holidays is at the beginning of December. And those who have not booked their place beforehand will have to pay a tidy sum.

This year reservation of apartments started in mid-November, according to the website Thus, the proportion of booked apartments was 20%, and private houses 15% of the total number of proposals in the real estate market.

So as of Dec still have a fair amount of options on the rental market.

Most landlords prefer to rent their housing for a period of 2 days or more. Compared to the previous year, the price for rental housing in the eve of holidays increased by 10-12%.

As far as facilities for corporate events, it is more than 35% of the proposals are already occupied. The price of the rental of such facilities has increased by 8-10%.

Enterprising Ukrainians have started to book seats for “festivals” of the year. In 2019, the number of such reserves have risen to 5-6%, analysts say that in times more than in 2018.

According to experts, during the Christmas holidays, the landlords raised the price of rent 2-3 times, planning for several days to obtain monthly revenue.

Rent one-room apartment in Kiev the average is 720 UAH per night, and the eve of holidays will reach 2200 USD. The price for a one bedroom apartment ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 hryvnias a day, and “treshki” will cost 3300-5000 a day. A similar increase in prices observed in private homes.

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Цены подскочили в разы: сколько стоит арендовать квартиру на Новый год

Цены подскочили в разы: сколько стоит арендовать квартиру на Новый год