Prices subject to government regulation vary in different directions, – NBU

Цены под государственным регулированием меняются разнонаправленно, - НБУ

NBU has published the first evaluation of the impact of government regulations

The change in the price of food, in respect of which introduced the state regulation, for 15-21 may was negligible. Some products are more expensive, some cheaper.

This is stated in the Economic review of the week the National Bank of Ukraine.

As noted in the review, 18 may came into force the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on the state regulation of prices, which requires retailers to declare in advance the growth of retail prices for a specified list of foods and medical products.

“According with online shopping in the month of April-may, the change in the price of most of these goods does not exceed 3% for the week, and some of them are even declining,” the review says.

In NBU note that, in General, in the last week the prices for food products increased slightly. In particular, more expensive fruits under the influence of supply reduction, as well as beef and some cereals.

Note, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolution dated April 22, introduced state regulation of prices for ten food items, for individual drugs, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment.

The list of goods that have significant social importance, were: buckwheat, sugar, wheat flour (top grade), macaroni products domestic production (noodles from flour of wheat of domestic production), milk pasteurized 2.5% fat (in the film), rye-wheat bread, egg, chicken C1, poultry (chicken carcass), water mineral without gas, butter fat content of 72.5%

The list of goods of epidemiology appointment came drugs, including paracetamol, antiseptics and disinfectants, personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, etc).

Цены под государственным регулированием меняются разнонаправленно, - НБУ

Цены под государственным регулированием меняются разнонаправленно, - НБУ