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Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

Today, 15 September, his 34th birthday Prince Harry. On the occasion, Lifestyle 24 says about the Top facts from the life of the Royal heir.

After the wedding with the American actress Meghan Markle, which was held on 19 may 2018, sources close to Kensington Palace, suggested that the couple is expecting twins. Rumors about the future of the paternity of the Duke of Sussex and his wife pdhls, in particular, about a week ago. The couple attended a charity concert in London, where Megan came in a dress by Jason Wu, which was a tight fit to her figure. Recently it became known that 62-year-old mother of the Duchess Doria of Ragland enrolled in child care.

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

After that, exit all talking about pregnancy Megan

Lifestyle24 closely following the news about the pregnancy, Megan Markle, and in honor of the birthday of Prince Harry recalls the most important moments in the life of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

Name and status

Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten Windsor. This is the full name of sixth in line contender for the Royal throne. To ascend to the throne Harry will be able, after his father Charles, the elder brother of William, nephew of George, Charlotte and Louis. Although the title is red-haired offspring of the monarchs has the words “Prince” and “Wales”, however, a combination of full belongs only to his father Carleson. Himself Henry after their wedding became Duke Sussexite.

By the way, his elder brother William with his wife Kate Middleton are the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

The Royal family


Harry was the second, and then the younger child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The scandalous behaviour of the boy, which made itself felt in adolescence, explain the fact that his childhood did not lack attention: all agreed with him and allowed. It was easy to guess even with the frame, where little Harry, for example, shows the language of the paparazzi. The guy has a great sense of humor, which is not hard to believe he got from Queen Elizabeth II! He studied Harry in school Waterb in London and subsequently joined Prince William, who was sitting at his Desk in the Berkshires.

The Funeral Of Diana

31 August 1997 the Royal family suffered grief. In a car accident in the tunnel before the bridge Alma in Paris, died favorite million British Princess Diana. Footage of 14-year-old William and 12-year-old Harry going after her coffin, touched the whole world.

In a recent interview one of the editions of Henry confessed that he decided to hold his mother on his last journey. And this despite the fact that while the Royal family is not too wanted the guys walked behind the coffin.


The loss of a dear human impact on psychological and emotional state of the Prince teenager. The British press dubbed Harry “the crazy child”. Indeed, it was for that. While in school, the guy started to smoke marijuana and to drink alcohol, then, during student life, the paparazzi caught in the lens of his vacation with several girls at the beach. And in 2005, one of the costumed party, the theme of which was “Colonialists and natives”, Harry lit up in a light military uniform with a Nazi swastika on the sleeve.

The Royal court has made every effort to hush up the scandals, raised the boy, therefore, to prevent that they tarnished the image of the monarchs. It was therefore decided that a kind of salvation for the restless Prince becomes army.

Volunteer activities and military service

After graduating from College Donskomu the heir to the throne took a leave of absence and for some time went to Australia. However did not stay long there. A second home for the Prince was a small state of Lesotho, in South Africa. Harry took part in charity events, and even made a documentary movie about the hard life of those kids. After that, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II returned to Britain, where he enrolled in the Royal military Academy Sandhurst, and then he enlisted in the elite Palace regiment of cavalry. In the press slipped messages about what kind of Prince was sent to serve in Iraq, but later denied this information and found that nearly three-month military service, Harry (December 2007-February 2008) was Helmand province, Afghanistan. There a descendant of kings was avandia. By the way, today Prince Harry is a captain in the army air corps.

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

Prince Harry at the service

Women in the life of Harry

This is one of those that caused increased attention of the tabloids. One of the loves of the Prince was the daughter of a billionaire from Zimbabwe Chelsea Davy. Both knew each other since childhood, but their romance began in 2004, when a guy and a girl met in South Africa. There Harry had come to visit. Three years later Chelsea moved to London to study at the University of Leeds to be closer to the Prince. However, the pair has repeatedly split, and after the next quarrel was again resumed relations. The wedding of William and Kate startled the girl excessive formality of the Royal family and the fact that its members are always under the sight of journalists. Hence Davy finally decided to return to Zimbabwe.

Harry’s heart was won and star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson. The guy even threw a party where invited the actress and her friends so that she does not feel uncomfortable. The attention of the Prince Emma liked, but to have a serious relationship with him she does not want.

After Watson in life Henry became Meghan Markle. 37-year-old American actress and 34-year-old heir to the British throne met during the ceremony of “Invictus Games”, whose founder is Harry. The pair managed a few months to hide their relationship. Their romance was known in November last year when pictures of grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and his girlfriend, where they walk to the centre of London, spread all over the world. This information was then officially confirmed at Kensington Palace. After it became known, he meets the Prince, journalists constantly guarded Megan, to learn about the details of their relationship.

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

First photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

However, after several incidents Harry asked paparazzi not to harass his girlfriend, so – to defeat attempts to harm her life. And at last year’s competition “Invictus Games” in Toronto they with Meghan Markle appeared together. In December, the couple became engaged and six months later got married, which was seen by millions of viewers.

Now the couple are preparing for a two-week official tour of Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and the Kingdom of Toga. The working visit of Prince Harry and Megan Markle will take place in October, probably aligning it with the official part with the honey month, which was postponed after the wedding.

Принцові Гаррі – 34: Топ-6 фактів про життя королівського нащадка - 24 Канал

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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