Prince Harry has prepared a joint project with ed Sheeran for the world mental health day

Принц Гарри подготовил совместный проект с Эдом Шираном ко Всемирному дню психического здоровья

Prince Harry showed a teaser of the new project, which he produced together with British singer ed Sheeran for the world mental health day on 10 October.

On the official website of the Dukes of Sussex on Instagram there was a short video, which Sheeran ringing the doorbell Frogmarch cottage Prince Harry. The grandson of the British Queen opens the door and invites pop star to go inside.

Also on ed’s question: “How are you doing?” the red-haired Prince Harry jokingly replies: “I like looking in a mirror”. The video ends with the fact that the singer wondered if he could go inside with the camera.

“Coming soon…”, announced representatives of the Royal family future project in the signature. Details will be announced on 10 October.