Prince Harry has told how his father responded to the request to lead to the altar Meghan Markle – 24 Channel

Принц Гаррі розповів, як його батько відреагував на прохання вести до вівтаря Меган Маркл - 24 Канал

The Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took place on 19 may, and the world is still discussing this amazing ceremony. In the documentary channel BBC One the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II openly spoke of how his father responded to a request to take the bride to the altar.

As you know, the father of Meghan Markle refused to attend the wedding of the daughter star. The controversial Thomas Markle stated that at this time he is scheduled for surgery. However, in the media and still believe that the reason for this decision was resonant news on the eve of the Royal wedding: father of the Duchess Sussexite decided to capitalize on the marriage of daughters, so posed for paparazzi, and subsequently received a fee for it.

So the famous bride before their wedding was in a difficult situation. Helped to solve the problem of Prince Harry, who asked his father to lead to the altar, the Duchess of Sussexite. According to People magazine, in the documentary the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II candidly told how it reacted to Prince Charles at the unexpected offer.

I asked him, and honestly, I think he did not expect that it will happen. But immediately said: “Yes, of course I’ll do whatever it takes to Megan. I am here to support you.” For him it was just a fantastic opportunity for us to become a pillar,
– admitted to Prince Harry.

A few days after this conversation, Prince Charles happily accompanied Meghan Markle to the altar. From a touching moment, the groom didn’t hold back tears, and during the wedding whispered to his father, “Thank you.”

Принц Гаррі розповів, як його батько відреагував на прохання вести до вівтаря Меган Маркл - 24 Канал

This moment later saw all the representatives of Buckingham Palace, which roscoelite. In particular, the Duchess Camilla admitted that he was unable to keep the tears of gratitude, Prince Harry.

“It was very touching. In the Church I just couldn’t hear what Harry said. But after I saw it on TV… I Think it was a great gesture”, – weepingly told the Duchess Camilla.

We will remind that on may 19 the whole world, with bated breath, watched as the ex-actress Meghan Markle, married Prince Harry. All the ladies were looking forward to the release of the bride, after all each wedding dress of the Duchess sets the trend for many years. So, the wedding dress Meghan Markle has caused a real flurry of emotions, and the second her outfits can be purchased for $ 45.

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