Prison and correctional work: actress felicity Huffman sentenced in fraud case

Тюрьма и исправительные работы: актриса Фелисити Хаффман приговорена по делу о мошенничестве

Hollywood actress felicity Huffman, best known for playing Harp in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”, still will be punished for a fraudulent scheme. The celebrity who gave the bribe for admission to a daughter in College, will stay in prison for 14 days.

The arrival of a daughter’s felicity Huffman at the American College turned into a real disaster for the family of the actress. Because of her fraud star in March 2019 became a frequent guest in the courts. 15 Oct judges considered the case of the actress and sentenced, reports Fox News.

According to journalists, the meeting was attended by a Hollywood star. She admitted that on October 16 will be in one of the American prisons. The judge ordered her sentence to 14 days to then felicity Huffman were able to rebuild their career and lives. In addition, the actress is forced to pay a fine in the amount of 30 thousand dollars and will be issued with the conclusion in the course of the year, which includes corrective work.

“Felicity Huffman today announced the sentencing and moving to the Federal ispravitelno institution in California. The actress agrees with the term of imprisonment… the Rest of the sentence imposed by the judge Talwani, she will depart within a year. Huffman to be monitored and will have 250 hours of community service,” – said journalists Fox News.

During the meeting, felicity Huffman did not hold back tears and confessed that she was sorry for what he did. The actress has publicly apologized to students and parents affected by her fraudulent scheme.

What is known about the criminal case with the participation of felicity Huffman?

In March 2019 employees of FBI have arrested an American actress felicity Huffman. Militiamen found out that she paid 15 thousand dollars to the representative of one of the prestigious colleges that her daughter passed the competitive selection of applicants. After bribing felicity Huffman went to jail and out of jail with bail in the amount of 250 thousand dollars.

Later it became known that a fraudulent scheme had attracted other parents and another actress Lori loughlin. According to investigators, the Hollywood star praised the admission to universities from 200 thousand to 6.5 million dollars. Means felicity Huffman passed in Key Worldwide Foundation, which allegedly was preparing students for admission. In fact, among members of the organization were representatives of colleges and universities, which helped teenagers to go through all the stages of admission to universities.

Exposed the scheme parents of the American students. They informed the police about corruption at universities. After accusing felicity Huffman admitted his guilt and began to cooperate with the investigation. At the same time, her career went into decline: the actress has refused several roles.