Pristayko about results Tzemach Russia: We were forced to make difficult compromises

Пристайко о выдаче Цемаха России: Мы вынуждены были пойти на сложные компромиссы

Ukraine was forced to make “difficult compromises” with the implementation of exchange of detained persons with Russia, and this applies to the listing of the former head of the “brigade of air defence of DNR”, in the investigation of the downed flight MH17 in the sky over the Donbass in 2014, Vladimir Tzemach. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, which published September 17, the press service of the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.

“We could not calmly watch as our citizens slowly dying. So we were forced to make difficult compromises. This includes the results of Vladimir Tzemach. And we understand that our decision was also difficult for many of our international partners, particularly the Netherlands. We count on the understanding of resorting to such a step,” said Pristayko.

According to him, Ukraine in cooperation with international investigation team had done “all that this step did not affect the interests of the investigation of the downed mh17 plane”.

“The Russian Federation must fulfil its obligations under UN security Council Resolution No. 2166 and to cooperate with the investigation. And the practice of arrests of Ukrainian citizens and take them hostage, then to blackmail Ukraine and the international community must be stopped”, – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Tzemach was detained by security Service specialists of Ukraine in the end of June in the occupied Snow, July 4 a court in Kiev took him into custody, and on 5 September was released on personal recognizance.

In the investigative group is Bellingcat argued that the tzemach was an eyewitness to the events associated with the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing. Then killed all 298 people who were on Board, most of the victims were citizens of the Netherlands. According to Bellingcat, he personally had nothing to do with launch, tsemakh, probably stashing anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, from which shot down MH17, and talked with members of his crew.

7 September between Ukraine and the Russian Federation took place the exchange of detainees in the format of “35 by 35”. A citizen of Ukraine tzemach was among those who went to Russia. September 12, the daughter of the Tzemach announced his return to the temporarily occupied territory in Donetsk region.

After the mutual release of individuals detained by the foreign Minister of the Netherlands Stef Blok said that his government urged the Ukrainian authorities not to do Tzemach part of the exchange. However, he added that investigators were able to interrogate the ex-militants.

Member of the European Parliament from the Netherlands Kati Piri September 11, said that Camacho in the Netherlands changed the status in case of the crash of MH17 from witness to suspect. The head of SBU Ivan Bakanov said it has no official information on this issue.

The Dutch Prosecutor’s office reported that the Dutch authorities after the exchange appealed to Russia with a request to give Tzemach. The Russian Embassy in the Netherlands stated that such treatment was received.