Pristayko assessed the implications of the change Surkov and Kozak

Пристайко оценил последствия смены Суркова на Козака

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko has spoken about how Ukrainian diplomats responded to the change of advisors to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

He told this in his interview to the Czech newspaper Respekt – reports Hvylya, citing “UKRINFORM”.

“We’re still analyzing the changes in the Constitution as the rest of the world. We are interested in several other changes in Putin’s entourage, sharing his adviser Surkov Deputy Prime Minister Kozak. Some say that a supporter of the war Surkov was replaced by a supporter of peace Kozak. But with the “Russian world” have to be careful. We will see that planning Kozak,” said Pristayko.

In his opinion, the replacement of Surkov and Kozak could be “a symptom of a certain transformation”.

As the Minister said, Ukraine cannot ignore the Russian neighbor, who they always will be.

At the same time the Minister noted that Russia already ceased to be the main business partner of Ukraine, and bilateral relations weakened.

Says Pristayko, in order to change the situation, the Russians need to change their attitude.

“I met with Dmitry Kozak, Deputy head of the Putin administration. In Russia he oversees Ukrainian issues. The conversation was very constructive, positive experience”, – he said.

Also Ermak considers that Dmitry Kozak is configured to dialogue with Ukraine more than the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov.

In turn, according to Igor Tyshkevich, the task of Dmitry Kozak – the preservation of healthy structures Vladislav Surkov and obtaining from them the maximum effect over the next 2-4 years.

According to the expert, Kozak was not a peacemaker, he’s a tough politician. Surkov, not a “war hawk” – he likes to create complex ideological constructs that can work immediately.

Therefore, the change of personalities does not mean a new policy towards Ukraine or Belarus.

This is part of a system of conservation measures (reinforcement) of the Russian influence in the former Soviet Union.

It would be just a “revision” of existing mechanisms and identification of priorities for the coming years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin persistently bends the line in the negotiations with Ukraine on the issue of Donbass. About it analyst Yuri Romanenko said analyst Maria Kucherenko from the Center for the study of civil society.

Пристайко оценил последствия смены Суркова на Козака