Pristayko explained the evidence of witnesses of the missile at MH17

Пристайко объяснил данные о свидетеле запуска ракеты по МН17

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko said that the investigation works with witnesses in the case of the downed plane flight MH17, including seeing the launch. He said this in the sidelines of the forum “Age of Crimea 2020”, reports UNN.

According to him, there are people who were guarding the place after the fall of the Malaysian aircraft flight MH17 in the Donbas in the summer of 2014, there are those who have seen the launch, who had participated in the preparation, transportation, installation and firing on the plane with them all running the investigation.

“Until March 9, when the first court hearing in the Netherlands, I would not want to disclose the names of people”, – said the Minister.

Pristayko added, partly a consequence of working with these people on the territory of Ukraine and partly in Holland.

“You know that Ukraine gave the Netherlands the right to conduct the investigation. Let’s wait for March 9. You remember that last year finished the technical investigation, it is now a criminal. Should be named specific people responsible for the destruction of the aircraft and people who were on Board,” concluded the Minister.

  • Netherlands regret that Ukraine gave in the investigation of the Downing of MH17, Vladimir Tzemach of the Russian Federation.
  • Special envoy of the US State Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the value of issuing Russian suspected of involvement in the crash of a passenger airliner, flight MH17, Vladimir Tzemach is exaggerated.
  • Daughter suspected of involvement in the MH17 tragedy Vladimir Tzemach announced the readiness of his father to cooperate with the investigation.
  • The head of Committee of parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for justice and human rights Thorhildur Ivarsdottir convinced that Russia is obliged to prevent the Dutch investigators for questioning by Vladimir Camacho suspected of involvement in the collapse of the liner MH17.
  • The American head of state Donald trump and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte held talks on the subject of the investigation of the crash of Boeing MH17 of Malaysian airlines in the sky over the Donbas.
  • The head of the Joint investigation team Wilbert Paulissen met with relatives of those killed in the crash Malaysian aircraft Boeing-777 flight MH17.
  • The security service of Ukraine gave the Commission a large amount of material that can help to reproduce a complete picture of the crash of flight MH17 of Malaysian airlines in the sky over the Donbas.
  • Deputy Chief of the head investigative Department of SBU Vitaly Beacons announced the arrest of the driver of the Hauler carrying “Buk”, which was shot down MH17.
  • In the Netherlands hosted the international Symposium “Five years after shooting down MH17” on Tuesday, July 16.