Pristayko said that he could support the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic as an investor

Пристайко заявил, что готов поддержать премьер-министра Чехии как инвестора

The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko said that the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish did not raise the question about purchase of Ukrainian land by law. He said this in an interview with Respekt.

He reminded that Ukraine denies selling land to foreigners and foreign companies.

“No, of discussing the purchase of the land was, and I must remind you that Ukraine prohibits foreigners and foreign companies to buy land under the law. The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic has ever raised this question,” said Pristayko.

Despite this, the Minister said that the practice of lease of land by foreigners is a normal and widespread, however, the issue of opening the market to agricultural parcels to be discussed at a referendum.

“For foreigners has become a common practice to rent land through intermediaries, however, the sale of Ukrainian land is now – a very delicate issue, and it will need to hold a referendum within five years. However, I would be happy if your Prime Minister has invested in Ukraine as a private entrepreneur,” he concluded.