Privat caught in a scandal: “will have to pay a second time”

ПриватБанк попал в скандал: "придется платить второй раз"

Incorrect execution of the payment in the Bank leads to disastrous consequences

February 4 in the town of Boyarka near Kiev, one of the customers of “Privat” was faced with serious service, which nearly cost him money. He spoke about the critical error of employees of state-owned enterprises on the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Writes user under the name Nicanor Prysiazhniuk unpleasant incident occurred in the Department on the street reunion. The man held the payment of the single tax in the amount of UAH 834.50, giving employees “PrivatBank” all the necessary details. But closely studying payment system, the Ukrainian noticed the lack of numbers, purpose of payment – “18050400”.

As it turned out, instead of a budget payment, the employees of the offices prescribed in the appointment, payment for goods and services. In “PrivatBank” assured the man, no error. obstacle, and payment must pass. However, the client became suspicious and did not give up until the cashiers did not catch payment system.

In the end, the appointment of acknowledged wrong. Staff said that the refund will have to wait for months. The author of the opinion had a second time to pay that amount because of the negligence of bankers. “I highly recommend to go to another Department to not get in such a situation”, – said Prisyajnyuk Nicanor to the nation.

On Tuesday the representatives of “PrivatBank” replied the customer on his complaint. They apologized for the situation and promised to return the payment promptly. In addition, assured that the government hold explanatory work with the employee who committed the error.

Earlier work “PrivatBank” complained a resident of the city of Khmelnitsky. On 29 January she stole a bag with a mobile phone and wallet, which contained a Bank card. The client could not lock it remotely, and therefore went to the nearest branch. But there is a woman failed to promptly correct the situation.

According to the lady, she arrived to the facility at 17:20. But the office did not give her to describe the problem and rude put on the street, referring to the end of the day. They stated that, although the sign listed the hours until 18:00.

The client said that is the GOLD card, for which monthly withdraw additional funds. She repeatedly faced with tough attitude of employees “PrivatBank”. But yesterday’s event brought the woman out of yourself. She stated that she wants to withdraw all their funds from “PrivatBank” and never to use its services.

ПриватБанк попал в скандал: "придется платить второй раз"

ПриватБанк попал в скандал: "придется платить второй раз"