Privat caught in another scandal with debts

ПриватБанк угодил в очередной скандал с долгами

Recently, the network appeared the opinion of Ukrainians about the blatant and repeated neprofessionalizm work of PrivatBank, as well as open threats to men on behalf of the financial institution.

User Vladimir Podrushnyak writes about what PrivatBank is not tired of his unpleasant surprise.

In the opinion of the client of PrivatBank, he wrongly drove into debts and call with threats on behalf of the company:

“After the review, written a month ago, so nothing has changed. Apologized that made me wanted to Rob me for 1000 dollars and then admitted that they were wrong and misled customers who put together to the terminal. There is no explanation why the story has many answers from the Bank:

– I have $ 1,000

– already after 3 months, Oh beguiled the other person needs $ 1,000

– the next day, beguiled again, other people have 900 and I 100, and I understand both put in the same time the dollar bills in terminal”.

The man writes that for a year and 5 months, PrivatBank has not provided evidence:

“And I am 100 percent sure that you did not use cut and glued the two parts of the bill. And in response, so we decided to all, and will not provide any proof. Don’t explain why I opened several accounts the “accounts receivable” which are impossible to close (which I tried to give the money to the Bank and close the account, but the cashier are unable to repay this expense). And why a year and a half began without warning my card to withdraw money in these accounts are invented to extinguish the debt.”

The user is surprised:

“Why not provide information, who then made a mistake with the $ 1000 that I spent for nothing a lot of time and nerves until he proved to them them not right, and the Bank does not want to bear the responsibility for the mockery of the client.”

This attitude, as a regular customer, was appalling:

“Just a regular call and threaten that I gave money. Yes, how. Put the money on the card, and we do take them to some unknown account and the debt will disappear. AND I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! YOU HAVE REPEATEDLY LIED AND ADMITTED THIS!!! And I came to give You money and you did not take them. Is bestiality”.