“PrivatBank” has not found buyers for 22 depot Kolomoisky

«ПриватБанк» не нашел покупателей на 22 нефтебазы Коломойского

State “PrivatBank” has not received any applications for the purchase of 22 non-performing depots, which the Bank put up for sale on the site ProZorro with a total starting price of 2.53 billion, according to the site ProZorro.Sale.

The deadline for receiving documents from customers expired on 6 August. Auctions themselves were announced July 23.

21 of the 22 petroleum storage depots put up for sale for the first time. Including were offered for sale 15 holistic depots and seven lots, consisting of 1/2 of the rights to the property complex.

The highest starting price was set at a half of tank farms in the Belgorod-Dniester district of Odessa region – 375,2 million.

In “PrivatBank”, said the Bank’s balance sheet is 66 tank farms that have become his property under the mortgage agreements.

“Objects that are offered for sale, received by the Bank in 2016 former owners (group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, – ed.) in repayment of loans related companies, and accordingly, the Bank expects demand for these facilities at cost, acquired in 2016 (starting price),” – said in the Bank.

From this it follows that put on ProZorro 22 of the tank farm, the third of which is essentially half of the tank farm, were rated in the mortgage contract in the amount of 2.53 billion.

“PrivatBank” conducts auctions for the sale of depots on the trading floors ProZorro and SETS “equal principle approved by the Board of the Bank”.

On 1 July the Bank sold through the three SETS of tank farms in the Sumy region: the regional center – 1.9 million UAH at the starting price of UAH 0.83 million in Shostka and Buryn – at a starting price of 2.26 and 1.73 million UAH million UAH, respectively.

On 26 June, the Bank sold three tank farms in Malin, Popelnya and Ovruch. In the first of two with the starting of 1.16 million UAH and 0.63 million UAH, prices have risen accordingly to 9.14 mln UAH and of 2.09 million UAH, while in Ovruch Neftebaza implemented at an initial cost 1.7 million UAH.

June 18, the Bank managed to sell an oil depot in Kaharlyk at a starting price of 2.52 million UAH, and the most successful was the auction for the sale of tank farm in Brovary: with a starting price of UAH 4.56 million total rose to 14 million. Playground SETS buyers did not disclose.