PrivatBank in the centre of the showdown: “the fraudsters took the money, and return customers”

ПриватБанк в центре разборок: "мошенники сняли деньги, а возвращать клиентам"

Four clients of PrivatBank from the city of Lozovaya of Kharkiv region became the victims of swindlers

The last in the period 4.05.2018 for 5.05.2018 deprived customers of the Bank and personal loan funds. About its history on the website of the Ministry of Finance has shared one of the affected customers Igor Babkin.

“We all wrote statements to the police and six weeks later the investigator told us that they found a cheater. Seized during the search of approximately 500 sim cards and around 30 credit. The con man (woman) pleaded guilty. The moderators can provide us with the number of criminal production”, – writes the client.

He also added that Privat refused refunds to customers, and required to repay the debt.

“My opinion about the Bank – very bad. He did not identify customers, means was shot with the device’s IMEI code, which we never used, cards and phones, we didn’t lose, CVV codes, pin codes, passwords do not share. Every customer can become a victim of a Scam is very simple”, – assured Igor Babkin.

A resident of willow advised to upgrade to my contract with my mobile operator: “Tie another phone number to the card will not save you from scams, believe me, I know whereof I speak (just can’t write). Personally, I switched to service in other Bank”.

Previously, we reported that the state Bank in its mobile peculiar manner, tried to explain to a dissatisfied client who told them about the problem. Client under the name Nastia Shulika shared his story about working with the Bank and asked for help.

The client used a credit card for a long time and never had any problems. But after New years she went to the store and, as usual, tried to pay with a credit card. But the seller explained that the credit card seems locked and make a purchase it fails. Then she found out that Privat it someone complained. Later, the client still remembered who it could be.

As it turned out Shulika keeps the online store, and before Christmas she got the order, but due to some problems at the post office are unable to send it, what hastened to inform his shopper. Nastia Shulika asked for a card number for a refund, but it wasn’t working Privat24 and new year rushing that I forgot to transfer the money.

Client admits his guilt, but outraged primarily by the fact that the Bank is not warned about blocking cards. Now she was left without money (just 100 USD in his pocket) and asks for help from the employees of PrivatBank. The representative of the Bank concerned about the customer’s application. He promised to solve this problem in the near future and asked that the client was provided in personal communications data for providing feedback to the Bank.

ПриватБанк в центре разборок: "мошенники сняли деньги, а возвращать клиентам"

ПриватБанк в центре разборок: "мошенники сняли деньги, а возвращать клиентам"