Private entrepreneurs in the Crimea selected property

У частных предпринимателей в Крыму отбирают собственность

The so-called government of the Russian Dmitry Ovsyannikov captured Sevastopol has prepared a bill which allows to seize land.

The Russians decided to seize land from private entrepreneurs, according to the Russian-controlled Crimean media notes.

Also, the law prescribed the possibility not to rebuild the facility, which is located on the site.

So-called business-Ombudsman in Crimea, Timofey Smirnov called this bill the “spin compensation”.

“Land is withdrawn, the termination of the rights shall entail the termination of the terms of the lease, even if it’s valid for 25 years and all. Your market or shopping Mall “equip”- sweeping, bring boxes and put on balance of a city and unitary enterprises. Your property now belongs to the city. In the future, likely to privatize and sell, for, as said the Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, “” officers should not be in business, ” he said.

He added that this bill has a tough corruption.

“In fact it is a hostile takeover. You will pay some compensation – if all documents are in order. Evaluates the value of the property, an independent appraiser, but the loss of established business, he does not compensate. In other words the Board or leave it”, – he concluded.

У частных предпринимателей в Крыму отбирают собственность

У частных предпринимателей в Крыму отбирают собственность